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Mission and Vision

Spectral Wanderlust is dedicated to providing readers with a captivating exploration of the supernatural world. Our mission is to shed light on the mysteries that envelop our reality and offer a unique platform for enthusiasts, seekers, and skeptics alike to delve deep into the unexplained.

At Spectral Wanderlust, our vision is to inspire curiosity, spark intriguing discussions, and foster a community united by a shared passion for the spectral unknown. We strive to be the premier source for captivating, reliable, and thought-provoking content that transcends boundaries and expands horizons.


Founded in 2003 by Richard Novak, a seasoned investigator and avid admirer of the paranormal, Spectral Wanderlust embarked on a mission to explore the elusive and seek evidence beyond the veil of perception. With years spent unraveling enigmatic occurrences and researching the inexplicable, Novak realized the need for a platform that could provide both information and genuine exploration.

Richard Novak – Founder

Richard Novak, the intrepid explorer and founder of Spectral Wanderlust, possesses an unwavering fascination with the supernatural. Guided by a relentless desire to unveil the mysteries of the ethereal realm, he has devoted his life to investigating, documenting, and analyzing paranormal phenomena worldwide. Novak’s expertise and deep understanding of the supernatural field make him an authority in his craf, bridging the gap between skepticism and speculation.

Creation of the Website

Spectral Wanderlust was created with the sole purpose of sharing the awe-inspiring and often perplexing nature of the supernatural world. Novak, realizing the lack of a reliable, credible online resource catering to the needs of the growing community of paranormal enthusiasts, decided it was time to create a captivating platform where individuals could find comprehensive, engaging, and well-researched content.

Objective and Target Audience

Our primary aim is to deliver meticulously curated and verified articles, investigations, interviews, and stories that showcase the most captivating aspects of the supernatural world. We aspire to connect with individuals genuinely seeking to unravel the mysteries of the unknown, offering them a trustworthy resource to feed their curious minds.

Our target audience includes enthusiasts, curious minds, and skeptics who desire to explore the enigma of the spectral horizon. Whether you’re an experienced investigator, a budding explorer, or someone simply interested in the unexplained, Spectral Wanderlust is for you.

Unique Value

What sets Spectral Wanderlust apart is the dedication and passion poured into each piece of content by our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. Every article, story, and investigation featured on our website is meticulously researched, rigorously fact-checked, and crafted with a genuine aim to inform, entertain, and inspire the supernatural seeker. The focus on reliability, while embracing the fascinating aspects of supernatural exploration, distinguishes Spectral Wanderlust as a credible resource in an often intangible domain.

Join us on this unparalleled expedition through the realm of the supernatural, where curiosity knows no bounds, and mysteries wait to be unveiled.

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