Well here they are! You won't find any fictional tales from around the campfire here - in A Ghost In My Suitcase: A Guide To Haunted Travel In America you'll find real places and real haunts. Come along with me and explore some of the most ghostly places in the country... places that you can visit for yourself, just like I did while I was writing the book!

I saw this book and thought "OOOHHH, I so have to read this", and I am glad that I did. I love how the author gives us a brief history of each location, good foods to eat, etc. before going on about the actual haunting. Given the history of each place makes these hauntings that much more interesting to read about instead of hearing "XYZ place has a spirit of an old lady wandering the halls..." I am interested in visiting these places because the author of this book has made everything seem so real and appealing.
- J. Litke, Michigan

...and just wait 'til you hear about the jealous female spirit we found in Cody, Wyoming!

Yes, my wife and I ran into a female spirit at the Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming, that didn't seem to like other ladies in her room. While the ghost didn’t bother me, she kept playing tricks on my wife, as if she wanted us to leave. The evening culminated when an invisible force slapped a glass out of my wife’s hand... right in front of me! It was an interesting evening, and I'll give you all the details – including which room it was, so that you can stay there yourself if you’re ever up that way.

This 240-page trade paperback book with lots of photos isn't just a re-hashing of the stories that circulate around the internet. I visited these places, talked to the people who live and work in them, and actually experienced some of the hauntings for myself. There are places that you've never heard of, and most importantly, you can visit them for yourself!

This is a refreshing and delightful book written by someone who is obviously as intrigued by ghosts as many of us "ghost aficionados"! He spent much time traveling to every state in the country to visit a haunted location- most of them inns or hotels. Mr. Whitington's chapters convey his enjoyment and enthusiasm and make this a fun read as well as a travel resource.
- Amy H., Boston

Another odd thing happened when we were staying at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas - in the room where Michael the ironworker died during construction of the hotel. We were lying in bed reading one evening, when there was a loud knocking on large headboard. We both jumped out of bed and looked around the room, and behind the headboard, but we were the only ones there... the only visible ones, anyway! It happened a couple of more times in the evening, and we never could figure out what was going on. The wall behind the bed was at least a foot thick, made of concrete and stone - certainly, no one was outside rapping on it. To this day, it's a mystery to us, but some unseen hand had been banging on the headboard. But I'll tell you all about the Crescent Hotel chapter, even the questionable practices of a doctor who once used it as a hospital... before he was arrested and his "hospital" closed!

...but those are only two of the places that you'll visit in this book - there are 48 more!

Some of the other places in A Ghost in My Suitcase have stories that are just as dramatic. When I was writing it, I interviewed people who live and work at all fifty places in the book, getting some first-hand details of the ghostly goings-on. You'll find a haunted location from every single state in the nation, and they’re all public places that you can visit for yourself... but only if you dare!

There are MANY haunted locations in this book - also there are many B&W photos. One of my favorite stories was the one at the Irma in Cody, WY. The author and his wife personally experienced a ghostly phenomenon there in their room. I was absolutely chilled when I read that story! It was VERY C-R-E-E-P-Y! Mitchel Whitington is totally believable and 100% credible. All of these stories are true; he is a great writer! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
- Pisces, Colorado

If you're looking for a hauntingly good time, take A Ghost in My Suitcase for a spin - it's 240 pages of ghostly delight, along with many location photographs, and tales of the supernatural from all over the country!

You can pick it up for $18.95 in your local bookstore - it’s available nationwide; but on the official Ghost In My Suitcase website, you can get the book for not $18.95, but only $14.50... and I'll even pay the postage!

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