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Paranormal Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our craft, and meet others in the field. Here are some upcoming conferences around the country. If you have one to add, please drop us an email!

01/03/16 - Winter ParaFest, Avon, NY

01/16/16 - Paranormal Winter, Lake Villa, IL

02/05/16 - Yuma Prison ParaCon 2016, Yuma, AZ

02/06/16 - Annual Dead of Winter Festival, Decatur, IL

03/12/16 - Gift of Light Expo, Columbus, OH

03/19/16 - Texas Paranormal Unity Fest, Glen Rose, TX

04/01/16 - Oregon Ghost Conference, Seaside, OR

04/01/16 - Hudson Valley Paracon, New Paltz, NY

04/02/16 - History, Haunts & Legends Conference, Jefferson, TX

04/02/16 - Gift of Light Expo, Cleveland, OH

04/08/16 - Salem Con 2, Salem, MA

04/09/16 - New England Parafest, Hampton Beach, NH

04/16/16 - Butler Paranormal Conference, Butler, PA

04/23/16 - Tyler Paranormal Conference, Tyler, TX

04/29/16 - Old Salt Sulphur Springs Para Con, Salt Sulphur, WV

05/12/16 - Paradigm Symposium, Minneapolis, MN

05/12/16 - Afterlife Awareness Conference, St. Louis, MO

05/20/16 - A Haunting in the Desert, Tombstone, AZ

06/04/16 - Pennhurst Paracon, Spring City, PA

06/24/16 - Haunted America Conference, Alton, IL

07/09/16 - Rolling Hills Asylum Paracon, East Bethany, NY

07/28/16 - Int'l Asso. for Near-Death Studies Conf, Orlando, FL

07/30/16 - Paranormal Information Asso., Sebring, FL

08/05/16 - Las Vegas Paracon, Goldfield, NV

08/06/16 - Kansas City Paracon, Sugar Creek, MO

08/19/16 - Central Illinois Con, Mattoon, IL

08/26/16 - Michigan Paranormal Convention, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

08/26/16 - Monstrosity 2016, St. Louis, MO

09/24/16 - East Coast Para Con, Scranton, PA

10/01/16 - Utah Paranormal Festival, Salt Lake City, UT

10/07/16 - Chicago Ghost Con, Willow Springs, IL

10/15/16 - Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, Milwaukee, WI

10/16/16 - Little Traverse Bay Parafest, Petoskey, MI

10/28/16 - Port Gamble Ghost Con, Port Gamble, WA

11/05/16 - History, Haunts & Legends Conference, Jefferson, TX

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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